Process and Procedure is critical for a high performance organisation. Calsta have worked with companies transitioning from an outsourced service provider to an in house managed service where process and procedure did not exist internally. We have a defined method for developing new process and procedure ensuring all work is approached in an efficient manner while applying the the principle of As Low As Reasonably Practical (ALARP) to all high risk tasks. 

We must always remember administrative controls are very low in the hierarchy of control. Administrative controls do not remove hazards, they merely limit or prevent people’s exposure to hazards, and provide a framework in which people are expected to work. Calsta have a range of off the shelf process and procedure which are able to be customised for most mining and maintenance activities. We are able to create bespoke process and procedures if required. 

Policy Framework Development

Policies are the overarching principles which guide decisions of an organisations. Calsta’s policy framework establishes a logical structure to enable development and renewal of policies ensuring all elements of your business are covered.

Change Management

Change is necessary for business to improve and support a culture for innovation. However, if change is not managed correctly the value can be lost. Calsta recognise the opportunities and risks associated with change management and through use of our in-house developed tools, we ensure opportunities are maximised and risk mitigated.

Other capabilities include:

  • Process Improvement
  • Process Development
  • KPI Identification and Implementation
  • Work Management
  • Hazard and Risk Control
  • Job Task and BOM Development