Maximize the value of your mobile fleet data

Calsta has joined forces with Symboticware Incorporated to offer a complete industrial data acquisition solution for mining operations around the globe. By collecting the highest-quality data, operations can gain insight and visibility into their most critical assets in real-time, enabling management to make high-impact decisions that minimize downtime, increase productivity, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and most importantly, elevate the safety of their most important asset – their people.

Asset Data: Use Cases

About Symboticware

Symboticware is an innovative, industry leader that provides an industrial IoT hardware and software platform to help customers unlock, collect and analyze valuable data from their industrial mobile and fixed assets. Symboticware’s flagship hardware, the SymBot®, is known for its best-of-breed technology. Originally developed for monitoring in underground mining, their hardware has stood the test of time at many remote and rugged applications from the far north to kilometers below the earth’s surface. Data is collected, transmitted, and stored on the site’s server, and viewed in SymView, the data aggregation server. Through the SymView web portal, site personnel can monitor the asset data to make better informed decisions.

System Architecture Overview

Asset Management and Asset Reliability Services

By enlisting Symboticware’s world-class innovations, Calsta’s customers have access to the highest-quality data insights available. Once the mine’s data is collected, aggregated and analyzed, the Calsta team uses a systematic approach to put the mobile asset data to work for our customers to cover the entire asset lifecycle. We help assets exceed predetermined reliability targets, meet component life expectancy and yield maximum ROI. When a mine’s maintenance plan stays on plan, the production goals stay on track. For more information on our asset management strategies and services, click here.