Calsta endeavor to discover and develop disruptive technologies with the vision of truly optimising industry beyond current thinking. By removing pre conceived assumptions that things are the best they can be, the possibility for improvement is endless…

In line with our business strategy of providing instantaneous and enduring value for our client’s, we are always looking for the next innovative solution to unsolved industry issues allowing increases in performance, safety and efficiency.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Drones

Calsta are currently developing a new system to deploy Drones creating instantaneous savings and increased safety in some of mining’s most dangerous jobs. Contact Us to find out more.

Mining Equipment Seat Training Facility

Calsta’s Matt Taylor worked with a client to develop a dynamic seat adjustment training facility to treat the risk of soft tissue injuries which can be experienced by equipment operators if seats are not set correctly adjusted for them as an individual.

Follow the link to find out more: mining equipment seat adjustment training reduces soft tissue injury

Off Highway Truck Roll Away Protection Barrier Arm

At the request of a valued client, Calsta developed a simple solution to indicate when an off highway truck (OHT) park brake is applied. While the system has benefits for other equipment fitted with a park brake, it is ideally suited to OHT having both “load” and “park” brake functions. The system ensures the operator is aware the correct brake has been applied when parking the vehicle to leave the operators cab. The system utilises an electric actuator, does not interact with OEM braking circuits and has no pinch points.

Follow the link to find out more: Off Highway Truck Roll Away Protection Barrier Arm

Autonomous Systems and Robotics

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