Successful Deployment of a Maintenance Improvement Project

Calsta have been engaged by an international miner to initially review and then improve the on-site mobile mining and ancillary equipment maintenance function at their African mine. Once engaged Calsta quickly set to work identifying areas for improvement and providing a reliable mining fleet to meet the planned production schedule while achieving the lowest practical total cost of ownership. It is important to us that improvement activities do not require high cost capital items and our client’s see results delivered in weeks, not months or years.

Through identifying and deploying improvement initiatives to remedy sub optimal and wasteful steps in the work management process, Calsta assisted our client to achieve substantial increases to mining equipment availability and reliability in under 4 months. This has resulted in the client exceeding their planned daily and monthly production target on an ongoing basis; a result not seen for some time prior to Calsta being involved due to the underperforming mining fleet.

Mining Fleet Improvement

The graphic above shows the levels of availability and reliability achieved for the client’s mining fleet pre and post Calsta’s intervention. Click on the image to see more.

Calsta’s team comprised of improvement and maintenance professionals worked with our client’s personnel to achieve this result by deploying our in-house developed improvement strategy, system and tools. Our clients find our approach is very different to what they expected as Calsta do not merely provide a report telling the client what they already know. Calsta develop a bespoke solution and assist our client’s team in the implementation of ranked actions starting with the highest priority items capable of generating the greatest value. Calsta provide all data analysis, procedures and training for our client to ensure our improvement initiatives are sustainable and the improvement culture endures long after our initial engagement.

On this project, Calsta’s team focused on three key areas, namely planning, scheduling and work execution. While these areas may seem independent, they are intrinsically linked and only through improving all three can real benefit be realised. By providing improvements to these key areas the maintenance function quickly changed from a reactive state, where planning was non-existent, to a planned and structured department where decisions are made based on fact and aligned to a companywide goals and objectives.

The positive results generated by Calsta ensured our perfect scorecard of 100% client reengagement is maintained. Our team has continued with mining fleet performance activities with our scope now expanded to include engaging with current and prospective suppliers of parts and consumables. Calsta are involved with negotiating strategic supply agreements providing our client with the opportunity to reduce operating costs and working capital while ensuring the right parts are available at the right time.

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