Making Factual, Data Driven Decisions When Selecting Mobile Mining Equipment

Often mobile mining equipment selection is imprecise and based on false assumptions without a data driven assessment quantifying the decision. To address this issue, Calsta has developed a process for mobile mining equipment selection and optimisation based on theoretical modelling and supplier engagement allowing our clients to make factual decisions which satisfy their operational requirements. All Calsta models are transparent, auditable, tested and customisable while still imposing a consistent basis for comparison and evaluation.

Calsta’s inhouse developed process for optimising mobile mining equipment selection

When selecting mobile mining equipment, key evaluation criteria should be based on satisfying the required production rate while minimising All In Sustaining Costs (AISC).  Other indirect factors must be considered such as selectivity/dilution, increase in milling costs, mining flexibility, haul road infrastructure and accessibility to capital.

Calsta tendering and negotiation services ensure maximum value is captured by working with Original Equipment Manufacturers and their suppliers with the aim of reducing risk and operating costs related to mobile equipment.

Through utilising a range of Calsta services, mobile mining equipment selection parameters can be quantified, evaluated and supplemented with complex what-if analysis to determine and prove the optimal outcome. Some areas Calsta address include:

  • Mobile equipment sizing, type, class and quantities
  • Trade off studies for various mobile equipment sizes
  • Trade off studies for alternative mining methods (IPCC, Surface Miners, etc)
  • Mobile equipment owning costs such as capital, insurance, interest and depreciated costs
  • Mobile equipment operating costs such as major components, fuel, labour and consumables
  • Economic life assumptions and discounted cashflows
  • Holistic life of mine resourcing and operating and capital cost modelling
  • Bucket and tray matching and analysis of aftermarket options
  • Tendering, technical evaluation, negotiation and recommendation to award

Equipment Sizing Model