Measure The Success Of Your Maintenance Strategy And Deployment

Calsta’s assessment tool quickly measures the efficiency of your asset management strategy and execution by measuring compliance to systems, procedures and KPI reporting. Our system then goes further by measuring two key indicators of success:

  1. The physical condition of an asset, and,
  2. How balance sheet management is affected.

We know strategies can be refined and improved through ongoing measurement against internal process and procedure though an important aspect of any evaluation is to benchmark performance against industry standards.

If opportunities for improvement are identified during our review, broken links in the process can be identified, a re-mediation plan can then be developed independently by our client’s team or with our involvement.

Our approach can be deployed to fixed or mobile assets, in fact, the methodology can be applied to any asset requiring ongoing maintenance.

If you would like to learn more about our tools and capability to reduce costs and improve efficiency of your fixed and mobile assets please Contact Us.

Measure of Success Calsta