Mining Equipment Seat Adjustment Training Reduces Soft Tissue Injury

Calsta’s Matt Taylor worked with a client to develop a dynamic seat adjustment training facility to treat the risk of soft tissue injuries which can be experienced by equipment operators if seats are not set correctly adjusted for them as an individual.

Calsta’s client was focussed on ensuring its staff were well trained in the correct adjustment of mining equipment operator seats in real life situations without leaving the classroom. This was achieved by developing a transportable training facility fitted with low voltage power and compressed air to allow operation of the seat adjustment mechanism win the classroom.

The facility can be incorporated into standard skid mounted transportable buildings, or, mounted to an in gauge wheeled semi-trailer base allowing for easy movement within a mine site, or ,to a new site of operation across the road or across the country.

Seat shakers are fitted to several positions within the facility. The seat shakers consist of a low voltage concentric drive fitted to an isolated (sprung) base which can be easily adjusted to replicate operational movement experienced by a range of equipment from track dozers to off high way haul trucks. The effects of a poorly, or a well adjusted seat, are quickly demonstrated in the classroom using this approach.

Multiple seat types can be used in the single facility as seat shaker bases are designed with multiple seat bolt patterns to allow fast, easy changeover of seat types in service at a site resulting in maximised use of the facility for as many mobile assets as possible.

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