Off Highway Truck Roll Away Protection Barrier Arm

At the request of a valued client, Calsta developed a simple solution to indicate when an off highway truck (OHT) park brake is applied. While the system has benefits for other equipment fitted with a park brake, it is ideally suited to OHT having both “load” and “park” brake functions. The system ensures the operator is aware the correct brake has been applied when parking the vehicle to leave the operators cab. The system utilises an electric actuator, does not interact with OEM braking circuits and has no pinch points.

The system provides visible indication the park brake is applied for the equipment operator and personnel approaching, or working in the vicinity of the equipment. The system also provides a physical barrier for the operator if the park brake has not been applied in the event the operator attempts to dismount the OHT without applying the correct brake.

The barrier uses a composite arm that can be easily forced past and will not impede personnel access or egress in the event of an emergency. The barrier arm would be physically damaged in this case requiring replacement. Contact Us for further information.

Park Brake