Sena Technology Inc. Products For Industrial Applications Available From Calsta Offer Innovative Safety and Efficiency Improvements

Remove personnel from line of fire, diagnose faults in the field with home base support, communicate up to 1.4 kilometres (line of sight) headset  to headset with no other infrastructure required; for larger groups and / or longer distances 2-way radio support offers swift compatibility for various 2-way radio devices using Sena’s versatile 2-way radio cable accessories. Team TUFFTALK with Sena’s leading HD video cameras for a complete audio and visual solution. 

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 The Facts – EU certifications and testing reports show TUFFTALK meets AS/NZS 1270:2002 Sound Level Conversion 80 (SLC80) rating – up to Class 4 which is 22dB – 25dB. Sena Technologies are being acknowledged as being at the forefront of Bluetooth Technology globally.

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About Sena Technologies Inc.
Sena Technologies Inc. is the global leader in Bluetooth Innovation for the motorsports, action sports and outdoor sports lifestyles – enabling real-time communication and optimal performance in the thick of the action.  Since its first and flagship product, the SMH10 Bluetooth intercom/headset for Motorcycle helmets, the most cutting-edge technological designs have allowed riders across power sports and motocross to change the way they communicate while charging tracks and courses worldwide. With cyclists, action sports and outdoor sports enthusiasts taking advantage of its impressive communications and onboard technologies – coupled with its sheer innovation in creating new perspectives with Bluetooth audio action camera technology – Sena is enhancing the lives of speed demons and action-seekers for the better.